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About Samuel

Samuel (He/Him) is a British-born volcanologist and science communicator with research interests across volcanology, fluid dynamics, sedimentology, and marine geology.


His research and outreach has taken him across the USA, New Zealand, Japan, and to the far sides of the Pacific Ocean.

He has a Ph.D in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Hawai’i where he studied the styles and dynamics of large volcanic eruptions on the seafloor.


Prior to that, he obtained an undergraduate degree in Geology between the University of Bristol and University of California, Berkeley. He currently works as a technician and researcher at the University of Bristol.

Beyond academic research, Samuel is an active science communicator and advocate of improving access to equitable and inclusive opportunities across the earth and ocean sciences. 


He has led and developed a number of outreach initiatives, from social media campaigns to at-sea research expedition communication programs.


He has also worked as a specialist researcher for natural history documentaries, and as a geology tutor and guest lecturer. 

When not engrossed in science, Samuel is a keen musician and performer, and enjoys bouldering, running, and generally keeping active.



  • Ph.D                   2018       Geology and Geophysics    University of Hawai′i at Mānoa

  • B.S/M.Sci            2015       Geology                              University of Bristol

  • Year exchange    2013       Earth and Planetary            University of California, Berkeley


  • Research Associate                       University of Bristol, UK                2022 - present

  • Expedition Geologist                      Viking Expeditions                       2022 - present

  • Facilities Technician                       University of Bristol, UK                2021 – 2022

  • Associate Tutor / Lecturer              Edge Hill University, UK                2020 – 2021

  • Research Associate                        University of Bristol, UK               2020

  • Research Technician                       University of Bristol, UK               2019

  • Graduate Research Assistant          University of Hawai’i, USA            2015 – 2018


  • Chair of IAVCEI Commission on Submarine Volcanism                      2021 - present

  • iDOOS Deep Ocean Early Researcher (DOER)                                    2021 - present

  • NOAA Ocean Exploration Forum - Ocean Discovery Fellow               2018 - 2019

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